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The Saffron Resource Centre has provided a free and independent advice, information and advocacy service for over 30 years. We hold the ‘Advice Quality Standard’ for General Help with Casework in welfare benefits, and housing and specialist advice with debt.

Welfare benefits 

The biggest area of our work is helping people with welfare benefits, particularly sickness and disability benefits. By providing personally tailored advice packages, we help local people to exercise their rights and responsibilities in all areas of their lives, and to claim significant amounts of benefit every year. Our advice workers are knowledgeable and sympathetic to the problems faced by people living in the area, and they provide a holistic service as people often need help to resolve several interlinked problems at the same time.  If you are thinking of starting work and coming off benefits, a personalised benefits check can also be conducted to ensure you’re not missing out on any benefit entitlements.  

Debt and money advice 

We also offer free, confidential, specialist advice to manage problem debts, tackle rent arrears and prevent eviction. Our debt team are highly qualified and experienced advisers backed by the Money and Pension Service. They can offer practical solutions including negotiation with creditors, informal payment arrangements and formal solutions such as debt management plans, bankruptcy and debt relief orders.

As part of this process we offer financial capability advice which can help alleviate issues that may be affecting your ability to manage your budget. This includes help to maintain your tenancy or mortgage, and help to reduce fuel and water bills. We can help you challenge a bill or switch supplier, or make a complaint if you’ve received poor service.

We also provide access to other charitable services and signposting and support around mental ill-health, domestic violence or substance abuse.  

Contact us for further information or to make an appointment .

Personal support

Young people 

Are you being bullied, struggling to make friends or unhappy at home or college? Are you worried about your relationships with family or friends? Do you need information about drugs, sexual health, smoking or alcohol? Our support is confidential, non-judgmental and may help you to feel better. Email us or call 0116 283 7212, or drop in to the Resource Centre.

Drug and alcohol counselling 

We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for young people needing confidential advice, information or support regarding all aspects of drug and alcohol use including hepatitis screening/vaccinations. Read more here or call 0330 303 6000 to arrange an appointment.

Pregnancy Counselling  

Confidential counselling for anyone affected by an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, or pregnancy loss, abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. Read more or call 07599 397938 to arrange an appointment.

Sexual Health Clinic  

Information, advice and guidance on relationships, and practical help to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Email us or call 0116 283 7212, or drop in to the Resource Centre Monday to Thursday  between 3pm and 5pm. 

Call us, email or drop in:

t. 0116 283 7212
e. [email protected]

Saffron Resource Centre
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