Community homes

We are so proud of the eco houses built on Saffron Lane Estate. These 68 homes are the result of a community-led housing project started by us and completed in partnership with East Midlands Homes.

It’s now a spacious development of bright, highly insulated homes that were designed in the passiv-haus style as a way of cutting heating bills for the new residents. The homes themselves are a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroomed properties – seven with wheelchair access. They are grouped around two greens and surrounding avenues, and have large gardens and parking spaces. They back onto an open space – Saffron Heath, where fruit trees grow produce for a jam making operation and local people learn horticultural skills. 

Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council is now working towards the creation of around another 100 affordable homes for rent on the estate – part of a huge effort to try and introduce a new community-led housing project into the city.

Saffron Community Homes

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